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    Siemens Partnership


    Siemens CF A first participated on a successful Corporate Social Responsibility with Madventure International in Ghana in 2013.


    In 2014 more groups from Siemens CF A and also Siemens Tax headed out to South Africa to help build facilities at a school for disabled children in Cape Town. The Project was a great success with all CSR objectives met in community development, personal development and team building. The 2 Teams, who were made of individuals from all over the world, and which consisted of 2 groups of 14 participants who each volunteered for 2 weeks at a time.


    Since then Siemens has partnered with us to deliver a range of CSR Projects every year globally.


    The Discovery Channel Group


    "Madventure organised a truly unforgettable trip for The Discovery Channel. They brought the heart and soul of Ghana to the trip. With corporate social responsibility being on the top of many companies agendas, it can prove difficult to provide honest and meaningful contributions to communities.


    Working on a grass root level Madventure enabled us to forge positive relationships within the local tribal community and we were given the chance to contribute to the community; building toilets and setting up a netball tournament in the area. Madventurer allowed us to experience the very essence of tribal living, thanks to their incredible diligence, organisation and strong relationships.


    We were impressed with how delicately the trip had been tailored to our needs, our clients worked hard and played hard. All of whom have expressed that the trip had a ‘profound’ effect on them. We would highly recommend Madventure’s corporate challenges to other companies who wish to do similar trips."

    Sarah Hancock, Corporate Team Leader, Discovery Networks Europe





    Changing Lives Charity


    "We believe that when people who have experienced disadvantage and deprivation are given the opportunity to help resolve real material poverty that the results can be life changing. We would like them to see their own lives in a different way and to feel good about helping those less fortunate than themselves.


    Our aim, through this visit, is not only to provide manpower for a very worthwhile schools project but to give this group of men the chance to see the differences between homelessness and poverty for themselves. Our enduring aim is to ‘change lives and build futures’, we hope everyone involved in this project will benefit in this way."

    Stephen Bell, Corporate Team Leader and Chief Executive of Changing Lives


    ‘Project Avame’ was recognised as a Special Achievement within the Michael Whippman Award. ‘Project Avame’ involved seven homeless people, together with three members of staff setting out for Ghana. For two weeks the group provided vital manpower to build a school. In the months prior to the project the group participated in a wide range of community and team building events in order to raise the funds for their activity in Ghana



    North East Council Group


    Madventurer took out two groups from the Newcastle and Gateshead Councils to Leklebi Duga, a small village in Volta region in Ghana. Both groups were tasked with building sanitation blocks for the local primary schools.


    In Ghana the villages face severe problems in sanitation, disease is rife in schools where the children do not observe good sanitation practice and account for high sanitation related diseases and death. As a result Madventurer projects in this region focus on this problem as well as education in the classrooms of better hygiene practice, as well as participating in other classes.




    Get Involved Now!


    Want to go on your own team building trip with a difference and increase your Social Responsibility?


    Why not contribute to communities with our overseas volunteer projects and persuade your boss to support a Madventurer Project?


    Over recent years we have also been supported by a number of organisations that include the Discovery Channel and Virgin Holidays.


    We have many other case studies of bespoke Corporate Social Responsibility trips we have run for organisations who have also combined CSR with International Volunteering.


    Teams from these organisations have volunteered overseas providing first class team-building and leadership development and our Corporate Volunteering Campaign aims to highlight what can be achieved via a win-win partnership with Madventurer.


    You can also join our Adopt a Project scheme. Are you a business or organisation looking to improve your social responsibility initiatives? Or are you a group of people looking for a worthy charity to support which can provide project specific details, updates and even the chance to visit the project site? We offer bespoke group trips to our project sites where your staff can volunteer and see the work of the MAD Foundation.



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