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    Our Strategic Training and Skills Development Partners



    In a unique partnership, MAD has teamed up with Gradvert to offer tailored CSR leadership,

    training and development programmes overseas in all of our Destinations.


    The joint programmes offer Corporate Team Challenges with a difference and give business delegates hands on experience

    which demonstrates how wealth creation can and should help others in a less fortunate position,

    underlining the importance of accountable leadership and social purpose.

    Each Challenge centres on community projects delivering sustainable benefits through relationships between businesses and communities.


    Gradvert’s Diagnostic Tool underlines the programme’s strategic value, offering a 360° degree approach which allows those taking part to measure business impact every step of the way, as well as manage and capitalise on the added value benefits that come with being a brand that ‘does good’.


    The programme combines Gradvert’s expert training and development skills with MAD's core values of ‘changing lives’ and ‘building futures’ for the business, employees and each community.


    Gradvert’s mission is to improve business performance by improving people. This link up with Gradvert forms part of its commitment to helping organisations build life-long learning capability within their teams to secure their future success.






    MAD has teamed up with BE FEARLESS to set your creativity on fire.


    Joins us in unique environments to learn the skills of visual storytelling,

    shoot incredible footage and deeply explore your imagination.


    Make a film project/new work for your reel that truly inspires and excites you, designed by you in an inspired location, a varied cast of characters, and a powerful support system to enhance your filmmaking craft and voice.


    Learn the nuts, bolts and craft of making the short documentary, conceptual art film, character study or spec commercial.


    Experience the world through a different lens. Investigate a rich culture through a filmmaking lens, local accommodation, local food and a full cultural sharing experience.


    Expand your creative intuition through mediation and various yogic technologies.


    Explore and expand your creativity. This is a true workshop the goal is not a refined finished project but a place where you are allowed to take a breath. With creative and technical support you will have the space to expand the edges of your imagination and craft and return home creatively renewed and ignited.


    Return home with dynamic footage to create your vision project.


    The BE FEARLESS Film School is a think tank, lab, exploration and regeneration of your creative soul. Here in the land of magic and ancestral wisdom you will slow down, hear the quiet voice of your heart and be supported to follow the path of your creative instincts.


    You will learn creative skillsets of story and storytelling, technical skillsets of working with cameras and lenses and soul centered skillsets for help breaking through modern day noise to hear your creative intuitive genius.


    Interspersed throughout our days will be time for swimming, daydreaming, meditation, journaling and writing. We will hold group discussions on film and other topics nightly. Some days we will have guest speakers.


    Every morning will be a led Sadnha morning meditation and yoga. You are free to participate in all the above activities or none. It is your time for creative exploration. You will have 3 ½ days with the pro RED camera and DP and 2 ½ days with an editor. Here you have the opportunity of shooting, looking at your footage and then shooting more which is the most optimum way for honing your voice and exploring your craft.


    Our first BE FEARLESS Film School will be in Fiji to kick start 2019.


    It will be led by award-winning Los Angeles based Directors Liz Hinlein and Anka Malatynska.